Canvas picture “Miracle Bird” (sizes: S, M, L)


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This bird appeared to me with a clear message: freedom is there all the time! Just stretch your wings and fly as high and far, as you want. You have strength and you have wisdom. The friendly and smiling eye of the bird looks at you, as if to say: let’s fly together! Your inner bird must not be kept in a cage, it will be sad. Let the soul bird fly freely, and guide you!

This design is hand painted on silk by Estonian artist Pille Kannisto
Digitally printed on canvas from the original design

The product photo shows a canvas picture measuring 20×20 cm

Canvas pictures are available in three different sizes:
S 20×20 cm
M 30×30 cm
L 50×50 cm

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Large 50 x 50 cm, Medium 30 x 30 cm, Small 20 x 20 cm

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