Canvas picture “Jungle” (sizes: S, M, L)


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I painted this work many years ago. I had never been to the jungle (and unfortunately still haven’t), but I imagined it to be that way. Wild, full of greenery, the sounds of birds, the smell of flowers and enormously large, colorful butterflies. Somewhere high is the sky and the sun. It’s a game, to be like a parrot, to think about where I am and where I want to go. Like a maze, like life. You start going somewhere and listen to your inner feelings. I any case, you will get somewhere and then the next journey will begin. It’s so exciting! Maybe when you look at this picture, you remember that life is an adventure, you will meet all kinds of exciting characters on the way. Keep moving and adventuring!

This design is hand painted on silk by Estonian artist Pille Kannisto
Digitally printed on canvas from the original design

The product photo shows a canvas picture measuring 20×20 cm

Canvas pictures are available in three different sizes:
S 20×20 cm
M 30×30 cm
L 50×50 cm

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Large 50 x 50 cm, Medium 30 x 30 cm, Small 20 x 20 cm

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