Canvas picture “Fish for Luck” (sizes: S, M, L)


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Sometimes it feels like we need a goldfish, that fulfills all our desires. So here is the fish that blows out bubbles, like secret wishes, and the sun paints and gilds them. It is not yet known how and when these heart desires will be fulfilled. Which bubble reaches the surface and bursts like a small colored fountain? And, of course, you have to swim towards your wishes yourself too, so here is the light to guide you.
The water in this picture symbolizes being in contact with your emotions, water as an energy carrier and transmitter of information. The good old trick is to take a glass of water, whisper a wish to water and drink it quietly with small sips.

This design is hand painted on silk by Estonian artist Pille Kannisto
Digitally printed on canvas from the original design

The product photo shows a canvas picture measuring 20×20 cm

Canvas pictures are available in three different sizes:
S 20×20 cm
M 30×30 cm
L 50×50 cm

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Large 50 x 50 cm, Medium 30 x 30 cm, Small 20 x 20 cm

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