Canvas picture “Cosmic Wings” (sizes: S, M, L)


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When I was a kid, I often looked up at the sky and wondered what infinity would look like, how far it could go and what was there. I dreamed of becoming an astronaut.
Although chaotic when viewed from Earth, there is still order and system in space. The North Star is in its place. Someone is looking at us, holding its protective wings above us. Who is it? Does it matter? And when you look at this picture, it feels so clear, that protection exists, we are kept. You’re safe.

This design is hand painted on silk by Estonian artist Pille Kannisto
Digitally printed on canvas from the original design

The product photo shows a canvas picture measuring 20×20 cm

Canvas pictures are available in three different sizes:
S 20×20 cm
M 30×30 cm
L 50×50 cm

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Large 50 x 50 cm, Medium 30 x 30 cm, Small 20 x 20 cm

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