How to choose a silk scarf

A good, high-quality silk scarf made of natural silk will last for generations with the right care, so it is worth choosing a scarf carefully to enjoy it for as long as possible.

Choose natural silk
First of all, you need to determine whether the scarf you are interested in is made of natural silk or artificial silk. A decent silk scarf costs much more than artificial silk. If a scarf is so cheap that it can’t be possible, it isn’t. It is also not directly wrong to call an artificial silk towel as silk, but in fact it is a case of deceiving the consumer. Artificial silk does not have nearly the same properties as natural silk. However, a good silk scarf is an investment, because vintage scarves and author’s copies are becoming more expensive over time and can sometimes prove to be a good investment.
So if it’s cheap, it’s more of artificial silk. In addition, real silk is soft and does not get stuck when pulling through a ring, while a scarf made of artificial silk gets stuck.
Mona Verdi’s e-shop has silk scarves are all made of genuine, 100% natural silk.

The purpose of wearing a scarf
Thinner scarves, such as silk chiffon, are suitable for festive clothing and for the warmer season. Silk twill or silk satin scarves are comfortable in both cooler and warmer weather.

Compatibility with clothing and skin tone
When choosing a scarf, it is worth keeping in mind the tone of your skin. What color clothes are right for you, rather cold or warm tones?
Since most people, especially in the Nordic countries, wear one-color and often dark clothes in winter, a silk scarf or shawl could be a spot of color and a shimmer in your wardrobe.
With different scarves, you can give the same dress or costume a very different look.

Choose bold colors, exciting patterns and wear them proudly
However, if you don’t want to go pretty crazy with your choice of colors, look at your existing wardrobe with a look at what your dominant colors are. Choose a scarf that has some of the basic tones you love to wear. If you love to wear black, choose according to your next favorite color. If you love blue, choose a scarf where the main shade is blue, and if the scarf also has pink and yellow, for example, it is also suitable for pink and yellow clothes.

Match with jewelry
Match the scarves with your jewelry. A silk scarf with beautiful matching jewelry creates an elegant and fashionable impression.

First impression
But the reality is that you will recognize your scarf right away. It just catches your eye and you start to like it. Listen to your inner feelings and let yourself be guided!

Have a nice silky life!