Pille Kannisto

Pille Kannisto, artist

All my art is made with joy and love. I hope that joy I felt when I was painting, will reach to you and will make you feel beautiful and happy!

Silk painting is full of surprises. The colors mix as they wish and an occasional dripping from brush lands into the perfectly painted flower. A new idea comes and changes the play. It is natural and alive and I love it. I enjoy all the process: putting the silk on the frame, visualizing the whole thing, drawing the edges and mixing the colors. Most of my silk scarves surprise me when they are ready.

Why Mona Verdi?

One morning I woke, remembering nice name Mona Verdi. I wrote it down in my dream journal. When I needed a name for my brand, I looked up from my dream journal and found the name.

And who am I? I have been painting silk since 1992. I live in Estonia. And I love life!